As human beings, we are all inherently creative; it is in our DNA. Our mission at Salt House is to return you home to you creative power. To help you remember and reconnect to who you truly are. To rediscover what makes your heart sing... (and then, do more of that). Quite simply, we exist to empower you and inspire you. To help you grow, evolve, and create beyond your wildest dreams. 

Welcome home. ✨

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coming home to yourself.




At the time I was working in finance, and I actually laughed! I didn't think I had a creative bone in my body. I associated creativity with being naturally gifted at drawing or piano.

But oh, was she right. Around that time I had just discovered cooking, having fallen in love with hosting gatherings for friends. I started a food blog, which led to starring on a competitive cooking TV show. I then moved to NYC, opened a pop-up restaurant, and launched a business throwing dinner parties for celebrities.

I then started Salt House on a mission to empower others to experience the joy of cooking and entertaining for themselves. The brand evolved with my own interests, as I developed a passion in home decorating and began to share that, too. But it wasn't until I started painting that it all clicked. I realized that all of these passions were, at their core, more about creativity and self-expression than anything else. 

That is what I hope to share with you: the ability to express all of the magic inside you. A deep-rooted belief in yourself and your creativity. 



I'll never forget the day an astrologer told me that I was going to do something much more creative with my life. 

My life wasn't always what you see here on this glowing little screen. I grew up in a home fraught with addiction. My mother was an alcoholic who left before I turned two, and my father struggled with alcoholism and opioid addiction throughout his life before he passed away last year due to cancer. 

I tell you this now, not to start things off on a heavy note, but so that you understand my mission at the root from which it was born. I tell you this because I know you've been through some stuff, too. And no matter who you are and what you've been through, I want you to know that you, too, are a creative being capable of anything.

Growing up, I struggled with a desire to fit in, to be like the other kids. Whether you grew up in a family like mine or not, all of us share in this experience of wanting to be liked and accepted. Over the course of our lives, we make choices and travel down certain paths because we think it's the right thing to do. We think we will be more successful. We seek approval from others. We start to lose our connection to our true selves and desires. Moreover, we begin to learn fear, self-doubt, and shame (I say remember, because as babies, we didn't know these emotions). We're taught in school that failure is to be avoided, so perhaps we stop trying new things. We get the job, we have the family, we move into the house, we're on the hamster wheel... and sometimes it feels like something's missing.

Because I know you can remember a time before all of that, as younger children... we were so free. We used to color way outside the lines, as we let our imaginations soar into the unknown. We acted from a pure state of joy – we knew no other way. We played, we experimented, we stared out in the world with a sense of wonder. Do you think we cared much about what others thought of us?  Ha!

It's time to get ourselves back to this sense of freedom. To reengage our inner artist. Because yes, we all have one! You are an artist, and this life is your canvas. We need creativity in order to survive and to thrive – I truly believe that. Creativity is a holistic act – a spiritual endeavor. It will bring you closer to God, a greater power, love, source, the universe – whatever you like to call it... it will bring you closer to yourself. It will help you know yourself, understand yourself, and love yourself. 

Creativity is the greatest gift you could ever give yourself. It is my life's work to share this gift with you as much as I possibly can. And nothing makes me happier.

So glad you're here. Now, let's have some fun... shall we?


The beach is my happy place.

While I now call New York City home, I grew up on the west coast of Florida. The ocean is one of my most powerful sources of inspiration. It brings me a sense of deep peace, healing, and free-spirited joy.


I'm really into astrology.

When I had my charts done for the first time in my early 20s working in finance, I was told I would do something much more creative with my life. Needless to say, I've been a devotee of the moon and stars ever since.


I came in third place on Season 1 of ABC's The Taste.

The Taste was a competitive cooking show based on who makes the best tasting food, from untrained home cooks (me!) to professional chefs. As the last home cook standing, this was what inspired me to move to New York and follow my passion.


But my journey began with a food blog, way back in 2010.

Embarrassingly, the name of my blog was 20something cupcakes. Blogs were just getting started back then! I created mine as a way to catalog the dinner parties I had fallen in love with hosting for friends. Who could have known where it would take me?


I love penguins.

I can't resist them. Back in college I used to have a shrine of penguin paraphernalia sitting on my shelf. I would love one as a pet...


I'm marrying the man of my dreams this March.

We're having a destination wedding weekend in New Orleans (we just love the city!) and we cannot wait. 


I was a math nerd growing up.

To be even more specific, I was on a traveling competitive math league in elementary school. Later in life, I found AP Calculus to be extraordinarily fascinating! 🤓


My English teachers, however, told me I'd grow up to be a writer.

And they were right! I do love to write and I'm in the beginning phases of writing the Inner Muse book. After I begin my own family, I plan to write a memoir.


Before that happens, my dream is to open a space.

A creative studio space where I can make more content to inspire you – a place where we can hang out and take classes and shop and create together! It's happening, my loves... get ready.


I believe in magic.

Just for fun – I don't watch a lot of TV but when I do, it's anything sci-fi or fantasy (think Westworld, The OA, Black Mirror). I love Harry Potter. I want to be transported. Imagination over everything.



Are you ready to begin living as your highest creative self?